Mythbuster: i did son’t get a scholarship, so USC is not likely to be economically feasible

Mythbuster: i did son’t get a scholarship, so USC is not likely to be economically feasible

Over 30,000 students applied to USC for our merit based scholarship consideration. The process is extremely competitive, and only 1,200 students is considered for the scholarships. Students often think they can’t afford USC without a scholarship, but that may not be true! I sat down with Danny Finlay, Assistant Director of Outreach for Financial Aid, to set the record right and get more details on how USC can be affordable.

Jessica: pupils often confuse the difference between merit aid and need based aid. Would you clarify the huge difference?

Danny: Merit based help is cash awarded to a student based on a compelling admission application that demonstrates significant achievements. Scholarships are the type that is only of based aid, and tend to be maybe not awarded by the Financial Aid Office. Require based help is fond of students based solely on their family members’ demonstrated need that is financial. Factors such as good grades or test ratings don’t play into awarding students need based help.

J: exactly what are the various kinds of Financial help?

D: There are many various types of need based aid- Loans, Grants, and Work-Study. Loans are quantities of money that may need to be compensated back to the government that is federal. A grant is an award that does not need to be paid back. Work-Study is just a kind of educational funding that enables students to put on jobs that are part-time purchase to earn cash to simply help fund their education.

J: How does the Financial Aid office determine how aid that is much student will receive?

D: The Financial Aid office will need students to submit two separate monetary aid applications. The very first application is the FAFSA kind, which is found at The second application that students must submit may be the College Scholarship Service Profile type (CSS Profile) at These kinds will collect information regarding the pupil’s and parents’ earnings, assets, and opportunities so that the educational funding office can plainly see the financial situation of a student’s family members. Once these forms are evaluated the student will then receive a figure that specifies their household’s determined Expected Family Contribution (EFC), or the amount their family is anticipated to contribute toward their educational costs for that particular scholastic year. If we have a student’s determined need that is financial can then fund them with need based aid (funds, Loans, and Work-Study) to protect this need. Only at USC provided that the student applies on time, we will fill this USC determined need that is financial% with need based aid.

J: When does a learning student typically receive their school funding Overview?

D: As long as a student applies by the Financial Aid deadline, they should receive an aid that is financial summary within one to two weeks after receiving an admission decision.

Raise your hand if you hate waiting…

April 1st, while right across the corner, probably feels like a million kilometers away for all those waiting to hear from colleges. We have it game that is…the waiting the worst! Here are a few ideas of how you can pass the time while we summary the process on our end.

  1. Cross one thing off your school bucket that is high list

Can there be something you’ve always desired to do but just haven’t gotten around to actually doing in high college? Now’s your chance. Go to a basketball or volleyball game. Audition for the spring musical. Try that restaurant friends were speaking about. Enjoy in the battle associated with bands. You are a senior and frontrunner on campus. In the event that you make a fool of yourself, people will only think you are more pleasurable. Therefore escape here and explore what’s going on at your college before you head off to university.

  1. Join a March Madness pool or create one with friends

Absolutely nothing states procrastination like college sports. March Madness, especially, is among the most readily useful methods to occupy your time. There are basketball games almost daily, when you are not watching, you can obsess over your bracket and those of your competitors. Get excited kids, this is one of my favorite sporting events of this year!

  1. Always check our Harry Potter at Universal Studios if you’re in LA

If you’re indigenous to Los Angeles, or happen to be in the community, get check always out Hogworts and the Wizarding World that is magical of Potter at Universal Studios. I actually can not wait to visit Ollivander’s to locate my wand, take in a butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks, and hang with Harry, Hermione, and Ron at Hogwarts. And if i am really lucky, I may encounter a Basilisk and discover my patronus against a dementor.

  1. Plan a St. Patricks day party

Nothing says fun quite like green jello and party caps. Get enjoy a shamrock shake and beef that is corned with mustard. Get in the spirit having a fun green outfit to avoid the pinches of your buddies. We can all enjoy being Irish for the afternoon! J

  1. Do a little spring cleansing out with the old in with the brand new

You’re about the head off to college and will be packing up likely most of your belongings to bring with you. There’s no right time like the present to start going right through your cabinet to clean things down. Make a few extra bucks by detailing your nice stuff on Tradesy, and provide the rest of Goodwill. Your moms and dads will thank you when you move out for taking everything with you!

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